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If you work in the manufacturing sector, this complimentary masterclass will help you to understand the true importance of health and safety. What you may not be aware of; is that your current practices may cause costly repercussions, business downtimes, reputation damage or prosecution, if an accident were to happen. 

By attending our next Made Masterclass with H&S experts from Southalls, you can tap into best practices for guarding and machinery workstation strain, as well as receiving tailored 1:2:1 answers to all your top safety hazards concerns.

Founded in the Midlands in 2003, Southalls provides cost-effective, common-sense health and safety services to manufacturing businesses across the UK. Their  health and safety experts  work with various manufacturers to reduce risk, streamline processes and build practical safety programmes that keep workers protected and productive. 

Protecting Your Manufacturing Business from Hidden Health and Safety Risks’ is a crucial masterclass for manufacturers to further protect businesses from risk. Free for Made members, this invaluable online session.

Gain exclusive insights into emerging health and safety hot spots, such as:

  • Guarding – How to stop poor practice from becoming standard   
  • Machinery workstation strain – Set-up strategies to reduce repetitive strain issues

Don’t get stung by preventable incidents and safety breaches. Educate your team with Made in the Midlands and Southalls, to take your safety strategy to the next level sign up to the event on Tuesday 14th September at 11:15 am

Sign up to Made Masterclass Tackling Costly H&S Hazards You're Probably Ignoring with Southalls


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